Monday, October 15, 2012

Notes from Oct 15 Playground Meeting

Here's what happened on Oct 15: 
If you missed it, we briefly reviewed the schematic for the playground (see attachment, also posted at and discussed fencing options before we moved on. We'll be adding some features such as snake-proof fencing elements. We hope to raise some funds by selling pickets for a portion of the new playground fence (some will be chain-link for visibility purposes overlooking the field) at the TCC Swap Meet on Nov 10. Please mark your calendar now to help out in some way on the 10th similar to what we did for Earth Day. Read on for plans and proposals for that day. 

We need: Volunteers in 2-3 hour shifts to tend our tents: 
9-11am set-up
3pm-5pm / clean up

Our Main swap meet booth will have:
Bake Goods Sale to benefit the playground! - See volunteer bakers below, please make something to sell! 
Making tshirts, bags to sell - Petra and Miwa 
Sponsor a fence post for $50

Lesley- gluten free treats
Mary - raw chocolates
Kelly - pumpkin muffins, will get Patty Winter to make a donation
Nonie - choc chip cookies
Gabrielle - brownies
Miwa -  oatmeal raisin cookies
Jenny - lemon bars if in town

Please let me know what you would like to bake to add to our sale at the Swap Meet, or post on our Facebook page so we know what to expect from you.

Our 2nd booth will be a swap meet booth:
PLAYGROUND FUNDRAISER -- KID CORNER: ONLY selling kids' clothes, books and toys.
Parents should drop off donations of kids' stuff only IN BOXES OR BAGS, not out on its own at the TCC on Friday, November 9.  (Gabrielle will specify the hours and location at the TCC for drop off by Nov. 1st.)

All are welcome to meet at Trippet Ranch on Tuesdays 11-4 for playtime and enrichment
Please attend square dancing and steak night on Sunday! IF you can't make it Sunday evening, try to support the club on Saturday by coming to get your car washed in the morning. 

Franka and Eric will coordinate Materials!!  Thank you!

But we still need coordinators for following positions please! ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT- Volunteer Coordination! Would you or someone you know like to do this? Want to pair up and do it with a friend? Please consider it! 

Volunteers:_________________________________________________(name, phone, email)
Primarily responsible for recruiting individuals and group commitments to provide the labor to construct the project over a 5- or 6-day period. Based on your final design, Play by Design will specify details for work schedules and number of volunteers required. This is also a position that is better shared by two people.
Short Term Goals:
  • read the entire packet but concentrate mostly on their individual section
  • put together a realistic timeline adjusted to their life
  • Start database (names, phone #'s, and email addresses)
  • Everyone is on this committee
  • Figure out who your sources are
    • Contact them
    • 50 vols. / 10 captains by org. day
  • Names, phone #’s, & e-mails
    • Don’t just know that the rotary club is sending 40 people.  Get all 40 of their names, …
    • Everyone who buys a picket, t-shirt, block 

Tools: _________________(name, phone, email)
Play by Design will provide a list of the tools you’ll need to complete your playground. This coordinator gathers the necessary tools, typically loaned by individuals, rental shops, and occasionally tools manufacturers. 
  • distributes equipment in safe working condition during the build 
  • arranges for owners to pick up their tools in “check-in” condition at the end of the project
  • ensuring construction electrical service
Short Term Goals:
  • read the entire packet but concentrate mostly on your individual section
  • put together a realistic timeline adjusted to their life
  • List sources for tools
  • Find someone to be in the trailer changing bits, blades, etc. and making small repairs, and signing out tools.
  • Can never have enough splitters, electrical cords, and drills.
  • Make sure 200 Amp service is in place for construction or can use electricity from building
  • tools = volunteers

Childcare:___We will ask local preschool teachers but no one committed___
_______________________________________________(name, phone, email)
Creates a structured program to provide supervision of children while parents are working on the playground site. Typically, this is a team of individuals, and experienced childcare providers are very helpful.
Short Term Goals:
  • read the entire packet but concentrate mostly on your individual section
  • put together a realistic timeline adjusted to their life
  • Have a list of ideas of activities for kids to do
    • Should be different activities for different ages
    • Figure out location of childcare


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Here we go....
Let the Sponsorships BEGIN!

These are approximate costs that we're hoping folks will give to sponsor various elements of our new playground. What will you sponsor???

Topanga Price List
This list is for fundraising purposes only. Because most of the components are custom built, the dollar amounts shown are “educated guesses” of the labor and materials costs of individual components. 

5-12 Year-Old Area
Rope Ladder:  $800
Castle:  $1,000
Wobbly Bridge:  $1,500
Bumpy Slide:  $1,200
Secret Messaging System:  (3) @ $500ea.
Bouncy Bridge:  $1,000
Animal Maze: $1,500
Zip Line:  $2,300
Rings:  $800
Fire/Sliding Pole:  $570
Monkey Bars:  $900
Swing Set:  $1,200/set (3 sets)
Face Tree House $8,000
Climbing Wall $2,000
Swirly Slide:  $3,000
Tunnel Slide:  $4,500
Dizzy Spinning Pod (hurricane spinner):  $1,800

Shaded Homework Grassy Area w/ Chimes and benches:  $5,500
Picnic Tables: (2) @ $700ea
Benches: (3) @ $200ea 
Octagonal Bench around Tree $700

Tot Lot
Elevated Tea House:  $6,000
Fast Double Racing Slide:  $1,500
Sound Wall: $600
Balance Pods:  $400
Arch Bridge: $250
Tot Swings:  $1,200
Tunnel: $250